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All tracks available on this website are protected and subject to Copyright law. This means that you can use them in your productions (film, theatre, radio, documentaries, video games, public address systems, event sound systems, etc.) but you have the obligation to declare their use to the relevant Authors’ Society of your country. If you don’t know the Authors’ Society of your country, please visit the CISAC website, section "Member Directory" – (website in French, English and Spanish).

Free Synchronization License

You don’t need to register, nor ask for our approval or a Synchronization License price. Our Licenses are free, our music can be used without our prior approval and downloadable in one click. Only Authors’ Rights Royalties must be paid when your production that uses our music is operated. Therefore, you must declare their use to the Authors’ Society of your country.

Your obligations

1. You must contact the Authors’ Society of your country in order to know the amount of Authors’ Rights Royalties you must pay (according to the types of use).

2. Inform your client or broadcaster of the existence of copyrighted music in your production.

3. Provide your client or broadcaster with the Cue Sheet of music tracks used. This Cue Sheet must indicate the title, ISWC number, composer’s (or arranger's) name and duration of each music tracks.

4. You must include in the end credits of the movie, when these are present, the title of the music tracks, the names of the composers (or arrangers) and the name of the website www.realsound-tracks.com.

The use of these music tracks without declaration to the Authors’ Society of your country is a violation of copyright law and exposes you to legal action.